iHeartMedia’s Parkersburg radio stations specialize in effective advertising campaigns. Here’s what businesses say about working with iHeartMedia.

Schafer Leather Store

I would like to share that we have had much success partnering with iheartmedia for our advertising this year. We normally advertise twice a year, during our annual Boot Sale and during the Holidays.

This year, we celebrated 150 years in business. We decided to do an additional promotion and advertised on iheartmedia to spread the word. We had such a good response to the new event that we decided to continue advertising through the summer months. We saw an increase in our Father’s Day sales as well as generating new sales. The advertising continued through Christmas and we are seeing an increase in sales across the board.

We have a great working relationship with our sales rep, Greg Siegfried. He understands our business and really cares about sending the right message and getting results. He takes the extra time to understand our business and create distinctive ads. We believe in our Sales Rep Greg Siegfried for coming up with the creative messages and iheartmedia for the production and distribution of our ads as we were able to reach many demographics through different stations and I Heart Radio.

– Rob Schafer

Peerless Block and Brick

My name is Jeff DeBerry with Peerless Block and Brick. We have used iHeartMedia for our advertising needs for several years. We have tried other media, but radio is where we have had the best results.

The most recent example I can give you is, we had a moving sale and auction, we advertised in print media and received a few phone calls and a few people stop by. When we advertised on the radio we received several phone calls every day, and had people come in and tell us they heard about the sale on the radio. I always like to ask customers how they heard about us so I can gage where we are getting new customers. Some is word of mouth, most is from our radio ads.

One more thing I would like to add. Our salesman Greg, makes it a pleasure to do business with you. I also would like to thank Doug and Greg for making it very easy to record adds and get them on the air.

– Jeff DeBerry


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